Wonderful , it eliminated the tar into my lungs and no second hand smoke into my home or car or anywhere for that matter plus I feel the vapor which is humidity actually is helping my lungs break up the old dry tar left there from burning cigarettes and smoking them into my lungs , Everyone around me is happier now ,they can't smell smoke and I feel better than I did when smoking instead of vaping

TANYA – Halifax / Dartmouth – Vaping Story & E-Cig ...

I've been a smoker for 13 years. In February, after a bout of pnemonia and respitory infection I decided enough was enough. I heard about e-cigs while on vacation and somebody recommended that I try to use that to quit smoking. In the past, I quit, but began smoking again. The transition from cigarettes to e-cig was difficult as I was used to smoking at work. But since February, I've quit. It's now August. I am able to run 8km several times a week. I do not wake up coughing up a lung, and feel healthier. If they take away e-cigs, I will end up smoking again. I do not want to die of lung cancer.

Dominique – Mississauga – Vaping Story & E-Cig Testimonial

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With large amounts of media hype surrounding “E-cig explodes” and many viral articles spouting mis-information, there has been some fear among prospective customers […]

E-Cig Explodes For A Reason